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Welcome to PortalDeamon000's website. Here are a few programs, files, and sites that might help you.

Who am I? My online alias in most places is PortalDeamon000 (for irc, d2jsp, battle.net, and many forums). On battle.net I host the dclone channels: Op DClone, Op DCloneEast, Op DCloneWest, and Op DCloneEurope using a program called stealthbot listed below, which I have been hosting for a very long time.


Ventrilo Sound Normalization Settings to make all volumes similar

Soj Server State list of soj activity on servers across East, West, and Europe. Updated every 5 minutes

Item Sockets from Larzuk A list of how many sockets an item will get based on its item level. (credit goes to Adeyke at the AB)

Act 2 Polearm DPS Excel Chart of Act 2 Merc Polearm DPS based on IAS

Op DClone Public Command List Here

My Programs

These autoit3 programs are compatible with Diablo 2 version 1.14c

As with ANY third-party program, use these at your own risk


KISSCloneHunter (KCH) 3.0 An advanced autoit IP Finding bot (open source). by me (original version by Fuhrmanator)

KCH Guide Here

SojReporter 1.7 A program I made to automatically report sales/walks. Works with multiple windows and sandboxie.

Quick-Exit A program I made to exit a Diablo 2 game very fast with a hotkey.

Gold-Drop A program I made to drop Diablo 2 gold very fast using hotkeys.

-Example of Gold-Drop

Others' Programs

As with ANY third-party program, use these at your own risk

Au.Map (1.13d version) Vector/Maphack with ilvl, chicken, and more. (open source). by Shaggi

D2Extra Autoit Multi-Diablo Launcher (no modification). (open source). by Shaggi

Sandboxie Program designed to run software in a virtual sandbox. Can be used to run multiple Diablos.

Sandboxie Guide for setup Here

CDKey Changer Allows you to change and view your installed cdkey, or create a mpq cdkey file. by Serby

MIRC old version 6.2 Mirc old version 6.2 if you prefer to use the old version.

Other Sites

DCloneIRC.net A great website dedicated to hunting the Diablo Clone and getting the annihilus charm (irc is irc.dcloneirc.net)

Stealthbot.net A handy bot to use in creating channels on battle.net

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